Items that cannot be cataloged as new but fully functional. The product description specifies it status. They are usually items with a lower price than the original. All Outlet products have a two year warranty.

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Yellow imitation fur backpack for transporting pets cat and dog REF:SA999

PVP 27.45
Price including VAT: 27.45
PVD 22.37

Indoor and outdoor IP65 black 2 x 100mm 12-24V traffic light with green and red LED lights REF:SA998

PVP 104.10
Price including VAT: 104.10
PVD 90.67

Speed bump for cars 500x340x50mm 2-pack REF:SA997

PVP 26.17
Price including VAT: 26.17
PVD 23.01

20 cm heat sealer for plastic bags REF:SA996

PVP 13.19
Price including VAT: 13.19
PVD 10.77

Rectangular feet for table and bench. Black steel legs 250 x 80 x 200 mm 2-pack REF:SA995

PVP 37.28
Price including VAT: 37.28
PVD 32.47

10W vertical wall speaker REF:SA994

PVP 6.48
Price including VAT: 6.48
PVD 5.54

Round feet for table and furniture. 25cm gray steel legs 4-pack REF:SA993

PVP 6.03
Price including VAT: 6.03
PVD 4.68

Square feet for table and furniture. Chrome steel legs 75cm 4-pack REF:SA992

PVP 17.19
Price including VAT: 17.19
PVD 14.05

100W 110V 5 zones professional sound amplifier with MIC AUX FM MP3 rack REF:SA991

PVP 75.54
Price including VAT: 75.54
PVD 64.66

Built-in steel safe with keys 36x15x23cm beige REF:SA989

PVP 43.96
Price including VAT: 43.96
PVD 38.64

Adjustable footrest 460x340mm 3 heights REF:SA988

PVP 19.19
Price including VAT: 19.19
PVD 15.68

Legs for table and furniture Steel legs 2 rods 15 cm white 4-pack REF:SA987

PVP 13.12
Price including VAT: 13.12
PVD 12.14

Paper roll holder 46 cm (18 ") REF:SA986

PVP 21.86
Price including VAT: 21.86
PVD 19.22

95 to 230mm metal CPU holder REF:SA985

PVP 12.14
Price including VAT: 12.14
PVD 9.91

2m sliding door track with neutral MDF cover REF:SA984

PVP 30.03
Price including VAT: 30.03
PVD 26.15

Round feet for table and furniture. Gray steel legs 72-75 cm 4-pack REF:SA983

PVP 26.78
Price including VAT: 26.78
PVD 22.82

Table and furniture legs Steel legs 2 rods 66 cm white 4-pack REF:SA982

PVP 19.42
Price including VAT: 19.42
PVD 17.00

Round legs D30 x H250 mm 4-pack white REF:SA981

PVP 6.54
Price including VAT: 6.54
PVD 5.07

SPN 12M IP40 ABS plastic surface electrical distribution box REF:SA980

PVP 13.77
Price including VAT: 13.77
PVD 11.24

50mm benchtop adhesive tape dispenser for packaging REF:SA977

PVP 24.40
Price including VAT: 24.40
PVD 21.25

Manual price labeller 2 lines with 10 + 10 digits 26x16mm REF:SA975

PVP 14.74
Price including VAT: 14.74
PVD 12.56

25 cm electric swivel base. Black rotating platform with LED lighting REF:SA974

PVP 15.28
Price including VAT: 15.28
PVD 13.22

Floor cable gland for protection of electric cables 1 way 99x30 cm and speed reducer REF:SA971

PVP 19.68
Price including VAT: 19.68
PVD 17.30

Ergonomic, non-slip, height-adjustable, padded shower stool REF:SA970

PVP 19.19
Price including VAT: 19.19
PVD 16.70

Detachable fabric wardrobe wardrobe 70 x 45 x 155 cm gray REF:SA969

PVP 8.61
Price including VAT: 8.61
PVD 7.03

Rectangular steel security padlock with 90mm bayonet REF:SA965

PVP 3.86
Price including VAT: 3.86
PVD 3.38

Toilet Riser WC for Toilet with Lid for Adults REF:SA964

PVP 12.86
Price including VAT: 12.86
PVD 11.03

Anti-theft arch compatible with EAS RF 8.2Mhz labels anti-theft Rx aluminum receiver column REF:SA963

PVP 193.72
Price including VAT: 193.72
PVD 170.26

Wall-mounted rack cabinet 19 "12U 600x450x635mm white wall SOHORack by RackMatic REF:SA961

PVP 71.07
Price including VAT: 71.07
PVD 62.46

EAS RF 8.2MHz compliant anti-theft tag deactivator with decoder REF:SA959

PVP 86.18
Price including VAT: 86.18
PVD 73.77

Support for parking bicycles on the floor or wall Parking for 4 bikes REF:SA958

PVP 24.52
Price including VAT: 24.52
PVD 20.90

800W Continuous Tungsten Spotlight for Photography REF:SA955

PVP 39.36
Price including VAT: 39.36
PVD 34.59

Rectangular legs for coffee table and bench Black steel legs 480 x 60 x 420 mm 2-pack REF:SA953

PVP 56.06
Price including VAT: 56.06
PVD 48.82

Rack cabinet 19 '' standing 29U 600x800x1400mm MobiRack by RackMatic REF:SA952

PVP 232.47
Price including VAT: 232.47
PVD 203.10

Compact digital lux meter model TM-204 REF:SA951

PVP 51.17
Price including VAT: 51.17
PVD 44.97

Guide rail for sliding door with 2m ash-colored MDF wood cover REF:SA950

PVP 42.53
Price including VAT: 42.53
PVD 37.38

2x4 4K 3D ports HDMI 1.4b selector and multiplier REF:SA949

PVP 37.54
Price including VAT: 37.54
PVD 32.69

Height-adjustable non-slip shower chair with armrests for the elderly REF:SA948

PVP 35.23
Price including VAT: 35.23
PVD 30.69

Rack box 19 "IPC ATX 2U 2x5.25" 4x3.5 "depth 550mm REF:SA946

PVP 85.08
Price including VAT: 85.08
PVD 74.10

2X floor cable gland straight 98 x 24 cm black rubber REF:SA945

PVP 20.19
Price including VAT: 20.19
PVD 17.74

Removable fabric wardrobe and shoe rack 60 x 30 x 108 cm black with roll-up door REF:SA944

PVP 10.04
Price including VAT: 10.04
PVD 8.20

1U rack ATX case F545 2x3.5 for CK81-CK82 by RackMatic REF:SA942

PVP 42.16
Price including VAT: 42.16
PVD 35.30

Built-in safe with digital electronic code 36x19x23cm beige REF:SA941

PVP 38.08
Price including VAT: 38.08
PVD 33.47

Telescopic shelf for 1U rack F750 with front rear fixing REF:SA939

PVP 29.97
Price including VAT: 29.97
PVD 26.35

Rack box 19 "IPC ATX 3U 2x5.25" 7x3.5 "depth 420mm REF:SA938

PVP 86.21
Price including VAT: 86.21
PVD 75.09

Electric rotating base 25cm white rotating platform with LED lighting REF:SA937

PVP 24.45
Price including VAT: 24.45
PVD 21.14

Metal electrical distribution box with IP65 protection for wall mounting 700x600x200mm REF:SA936

PVP 76.25
Price including VAT: 76.25
PVD 66.42

Built-in steel safe with keys 40x20x25cm beige REF:SA935

PVP 50.32
Price including VAT: 50.32
PVD 43.83

Studio rack cabinet 19 "8U 507x460x420mm with wheels SOHORack disassembled DIY REF:SA933

PVP 112.12
Price including VAT: 112.12
PVD 98.54

ATX Rack19 4U F380 Enclosure REF:SA932

PVP 93.52
Price including VAT: 93.52
PVD 80.06

15 cm electric swivel base. White rotating platform REF:SA931

PVP 20.81
Price including VAT: 20.81
PVD 17.81

Wall-mounted rack cabinet 19 '' 12U 570x300x655mm wall SOHORack disassembled DIY by RackMatic REF:SA930

PVP 62.33
Price including VAT: 62.33
PVD 54.79

Detachable fabric wardrobe wardrobe 70 x 45 x 155 cm black with roll-up door REF:SA927

PVP 8.96
Price including VAT: 8.96
PVD 7.32

Legs for table and furniture Legs in chrome 2 rods 20 cm 4-pack REF:SA923

PVP 21.62
Price including VAT: 21.62
PVD 19.00

Rack box 19 "IPC ATX 3U 2x5.25" 7x3.5 "depth 420mm REF:SA922

PVP 92.84
Price including VAT: 92.84
PVD 80.86

Steel security safe with keys 31 x 20 x 20 cm black REF:SA919

PVP 25.83
Price including VAT: 25.83
PVD 22.70

LED lamp for camera 13,70W 228LED for external battery REF:SA917

PVP 21.77
Price including VAT: 21.77
PVD 21.77

Protective roof 100x100cm Canopy for doors and windows gray REF:SA916

PVP 35.78
Price including VAT: 35.78
PVD 31.31

Legs for table and furniture Steel legs 2 rods 15 cm white 4-pack REF:SA914

PVP 15.00
Price including VAT: 15.00
PVD 13.88

Bicycle training roller with front axle clamping REF:SA911

PVP 50.61
Price including VAT: 50.61
PVD 44.08