Types of Discounts

Flash Offer:

The product has a discount on its original price. This price reduction is available for a limited time. Within this type of offers, the product may appear in different states:

· Flash X%: The product can be purchased with the discount applied to its original price.

· Flash X% and Reserved 100%: The product has reached its limit of units on sale and is no longer discounted, but you can continue buying it at its original price.

· Sold Out: We are currently working to ensure the availability of this product. Until then, you can indicate your email and we will contact you to notify you as soon as we can ensure your purchase process. Upon re-stocking of this product in our main warehouse, the price will remain the original.

Cablematic's goal is to offer our customers the best prices possible. That is why, during the year, we offer different promotions to fulfill our promise. Our promotions are active for limited periods of time, but by updating them weekly, we make sure you can enjoy the best prices at any time of the year. Our offers include:

· Weekly deals: Reduced prices on a selection of specific products for one week.

· Thematic offers: Reduced prices in a specific category of our catalogue.

· Special dates: On special dates, such as national holidays, we apply a specific discount to the entire catalog of our store.

· Cablematic Day: Reduced prices for a period of time in our catalogue. This promotion is carried out twice a year and on all occasions, the dates and specifications are detailed on the web and are visible during the purchase of the products.


Product reviewed by our team of technicians and fully functional with a reduced purchase price.

A refurbished product is an item that is not in its original box, its packaging is in poor condition, or it has suffered some aesthetic damage during transport. All reconditioned products have a two-year operating guarantee and their quality has been checked by our technicians.

In the product detail page, the images of the product and the reason for review of the product are included.


Item that will be discontinued and has a discounted price. This discount may vary depending on the characteristics of the product and its original price.


At Cablematic we are committed to innovation and this is a product that has been added to our catalog in its latest update.