Help page for using the Quote function

Are you an installer or a dealer? Cablematic lets you create personalised quotes for your customers. The quotes function allows you to create personalised quotes with your company logo that you can forward to your customers.

The quotes are stored in your private area, you can consult, edit and when your customer confirms the quote you can turn them into orders.

How do you create a personalised quote?

The quote function is dedicated to installers and dealers who have access to the PVD price list. If you are a reseller or installer, immediately request to access the PVD price list by clicking here.

If the price dedicated to you is the PVD one, then you are among our best customers, to create a quote you need to:

  1. Add the selected products with the quantities requested to the cart.
  2. When you have completed this, go to the cart.
  3. In the Shopping Cart, besides the "Complete the Order" and "Continue Shopping" button, you will find a "Create Quote" button. This lets you create a Quote with all the products in the cart.
  4. Now you will find yourself in the Quotes section, and using the Pen-shaped Icon you can give a name to the quote you have created. We suggest you assign each quote with the customer's name it is intended for. This will allow you to locate it easily when your customer confirms the quote.
  5. When you create a quote, every product inside the cart are moved to the quote and the cart is freed.
  6. This allows you to do multiple simulations, both to calculate different transport costs and to choose the best product combinations for your customer.

What can I do when I have created the quote?

In the quotes section, you can insert your logo to print the personalised quotes to send to your customers.

Use the pen next to the box dedicated to your Logo, downloading your logo. This logo can have a maximum dimension of 250 x 250.

At the beginning of each line, you will find the pen icon that will allow you to enter a name for each quote or change it to enter the customer's name to whom the quote is dedicated.

The + icon allows you to modify the estimate by inserting or deleting one or more products.

The + icon will allow you to add the products to your cart, to check the real-time availability of every product, calculate transport costs, modify the quantities, modify the products and lastly, you have the possibility or to create a new updated quote or complete the order.

If you create a new quote, we suggest you cancel the old one and keep only the updated record.

If you complete the order, don't worry, the quote is not cancelled, it is still in the quote section if you need to repeat similar ones.

The "-" icon allows you to cancel quotes, we suggest you cancel them after completing the order if your customer has confirmed your offer or if your customer has refused your offer.

We remind you that if you make repetitive orders with the same products you can keep the quote to make orders faster using the Modify and Complete function.

Using the Icon for payment you are directed directly to the purchase of the products, now you have to enter the billing and shipping data to complete the order.

Don't worry also, in this case, we will keep the quote in case you have to repeat the purchase of the same products.

The Print icon allows you to print the details of the quote. The quote can be sent directly to your customer. Or it can be used as a reminder for the realisation of your customer's quote.

By selecting details you can view every product in the Quote.

Once you are viewing the single quote sheet, you can print the single product datasheet by selecting the printer icon next to the product.

From the details section, you can also modify the entire quote, modify the quote or pay it.