Industrial LED lamp - cold white

LED light industrial hood (industrial LED high bay light). It consists of two parts: the central body and the reflective hood, both made from high quality silver aluminum. On top features ring chain to hang the ceiling. This type of industrial lighting is ideal for replacing traditional light industrial buildings, shops, businesses, gyms, big halls, etc.. Its consumption is much lower than the illusiontraditional industrial tion and no warm-up time to reach the maximum light level.

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120W Industrial LED Lamp Epistar cold white day REF:NF014

PVP 119.49
Price including VAT: 119.49
PVD 102.30

150W Industrial LED Lamp Epistar cold white day REF:NF015

PVP 133.13
Price including VAT: 133.13
PVD 115.95

Industrial LED lamp UFO 100W 6500K REF:NF110

PVP 79.09
Price including VAT: 79.09
PVD 68.89

Industrial LED lamp UFO 150W 6500K REF:NF111

PVP 106.78
Price including VAT: 106.78
PVD 93.00

Industrial LED lamp UFO 200W 6500K REF:NF112

PVP 141.00
Price including VAT: 141.00
PVD 122.81

LED industrial lamp 100W Epistar white cold day REF:NF013

PVP 108.86
Price including VAT: 108.86
PVD 94.81

LED industrial lamp 30W Epistar white cold day REF:NF011

PVP 48.84
Price including VAT: 48.84
PVD 42.50

LED industrial lamp 50W Epistar white cold day REF:NF012

PVP 63.88
Price including VAT: 63.88
PVD 54.69