HDMI Video Switch

HDMI video sharers. After several HDMI video signals output is obtained with one of the images selected by the user. No need to connect/disconnect continuously cables.

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3x1 HDMI switch with 3 inputs and 1 output REF:HL020

PVP 9.01
Price including VAT: 9.01
PVD 6.99

4-port HDMI Selector input and PIP REF:HL022

PVP 68.88
Price including VAT: 68.88
PVD 60.54

Automatic HDMI Selector Cable (2 IN 1 OUT) REF:HL021

PVP 15.25
Price including VAT: 15.25
PVD 13.41

Bidirectional HDMI Switch 2-Port REF:HC061

PVP 15.17
Price including VAT: 15.17
PVD 12.39

HDMI 2x2 Matrix Selector and Multiplier with 2 inputs and 2 outputs REF:HL011

PVP 49.20
Price including VAT: 49.20
PVD 43.24

HDMI 4K selector with 4 input ports and 1 output port REF:HL023

PVP 32.15
Price including VAT: 32.15
PVD 28.14

HDMI 4x1 video switch with simultaneous multi viewer REF:YR061

PVP 163.09
Price including VAT: 163.09
PVD 142.70

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HDMI Switch with amplifier and remote control 3 port REF:HL031

PVP 60.27
Price including VAT: 60.27
PVD 52.97

HDMI matrix selector switch with audio of 4 inputs 2 output REF:HL041

PVP 67.64
Price including VAT: 67.64
PVD 58.91

HDMI matrix selector switch with audio of 4 inputs 4 output for rackmount 19" REF:HL042

PVP 309.78
Price including VAT: 309.78
PVD 272.27

HDMI selector with remote control (3 IN to 1 OUT) REF:HL024

PVP 23.37
Price including VAT: 23.37
PVD 20.54

Matrix HDMI selector switch with audio of 4 inputs 1 output and remote control REF:HL040

PVP 110.70
Price including VAT: 110.70
PVD 97.29

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Multlipicador selector and HDMI 2 input to 8 outputs REF:HL013

PVP 79.58
Price including VAT: 79.58
PVD 69.31

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Selector and multiplier HDMI 1.4b ports 2x4 3D 4K REF:HL012

PVP 62.56
Price including VAT: 62.56
PVD 54.49