Testers cable and connectors of various types. Have you asked the time spent for not having the tools needed when installing cables and connectors? And the image to see the client when it takes too long to solve a simple problem? The solution will find in these testers and cable testers facilities. Sure you have the one that best suits your needs.

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4-in-1 Cable Tester (RJ45 + USB + RJ11 + BNC) REF:CT003

PVP 19.46
Price including VAT: 19.46
PVD 17.11

5-in-1 Cable Tester (RJ45 + RJ11 + USB + 1394 + BNC) REF:CT002

PVP 27.88
Price including VAT: 27.88
PVD 23.77

Tool cable fault locator probe data REF:CT014

PVP 28.29
Price including VAT: 28.29
PVD 24.87