06/29/2022 8:19 p.m.
Server rack console cabinet 19 inch 36U 600x1000x1700mm floor standing MobiRack PRO by RackMatic
REF: RM013
  • Size: 610 x 1020 x 1710 mm.
  • Total weight: 80 Kg.
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  • Size: 610 x 1020 x 1710 mm.
  • Total weight: 80 Kg.

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Wardrobe Rack 19 "RackMatic 36U height mark in console format. External size mm 600 (A) x 1000 (F) x 1700 (H). Internal size 19" wide between racks and background useful 900 mm (from front frame to the back cover of the cabinet). Distance between front and rear frame recommended 450mm (configurable by the user). The cabinets are supplied in black color. The bottom of the tray supplied is 350mm. Supplied with top cover with 2 120mm fans installed (possibility of switching to cover 4 fans). Removable side panels (with possibility of installing lock). Rear Panel metallic grid, with security lock.

The rack cabinet is divided into 3 parts:

Superior (10U height)
Part designed to accommodate a monitor. It has safety glass door with obscuredand lock. It has rack guides 19 "in which you can install a CRT monitor tray or accessory VESA-75/100 to fix a flat screen monitor.

Media (2U height)
Drawer designed to install a small size keyboard (laptop type). The drawer has ball bearing slides and security lock.

Baja (24U height)
Space for accommodating equipments compatible with the format of 19 ". It has perforated lockable door.

Packaging information
  • Size: 610 x 1020 x 1710 mm.
  • Total weight: 80 Kg.
  • Gross Weight: 102.0 kg
  • Product size (width x depth x height): 60.0 x 100.0 x 170.0 cm
  • Number of packages: 4


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Technical terms

  • RACK 19
  • VESA
  • Rack unit (U)
A rack is a metal support designed to house electronic, computer and communications equipment. The measures for the width are normalized to be compatible with most equipment manufacturers. They are also called racks, cabinets, cabinets or closets. Each column has holes at regular intervals called U rack units (Pictured: 4) grouped in threes. The height (Pictured:5) of the racks is standardized and external dimensions of 200 mm by 200 mm. Being normal that from 4U to 46/47U height width types (Pictured: 7). Standard 600 mm or 800 mm Types of background (Pictured: 6) The depth of the frame is not standardized, as this flexibility is granted (Pictured: 8) to the equipment. The most common are: - 450 mm - 600 mm - 800 mm - 900 mm - 1000 mm - 1200 mm Type 19-inch rack can find various types of 19-inch rack. Rack Mural (Pictured: 2): Used to accommodate electronic network. They are the smallest and are anchored to wall. Rack Pie (Pictured: 1): They are used primarily for servers, UPS and network electronics. Open Rack (Pictured: 3): Open Rack Racks are available only modelsstructure, eliminating doors and other accessories.

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